01. Gekkou Symphonia
02. Aquaria Mau Sora
03. I talk to the rain
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30 Day CLAMP Challenge
↪ Day 22: Favorite Opening Song
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30 Days Anime Challenge!

Day 16: Favorite magical girl: Kobato Hanato

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Christmas Icons Part 1: Feel free to use!

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30 Day CLAMP Challenge
↪ Day 19: Favorite CLAMP Outfit(s)

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Kobato: Specials #2

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Clamp fan Challenge!: Favorite Mascot Character! + sparks!

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CLAMP Wardrobes

Kobato Hanato // 1

CLAMP Wardrobes

Kobato Hanato // 1
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"I, Kobato, will do my best!"

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Character Appreciation Post - (こばと花戸 Hanato Kobato)

“I, Kobato, will do my best!”

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'Kobato & Fujimoto' | edited by halysia

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♦ CLAMP’s pets

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Kobato x Fujimoto : Valentine’s day. ♥ - Episode 20

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