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get to know this shitty ass blogger (you probably will regret it though)


i hope your visit the CCS blog i run with my beautiful Cortney, thank you in advance!


a blog dedicated to the most attractive nekoboy ever; please check it out and i hope you like it, thank you!


i talk shit most of the time but there is where i place all my anime and manga feels, follow me and let's be tomodachis!


here you can find some of my other blogs and sites; such as my deviantart account, youtube channel, etc.

miracle romance
Hi everyone and welcome to my blog! I'm Maye. 22. Mexican. Graphic Designer. Animanga lover & Bishoujo Senshi Desu
(~ ^o^)~ Hope you enjoy this space and like the stuff I make! Kissus! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

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get to know me meme | 2/5 movies » Howl’s Moving Castle

Death Note Meme: [3/5] Favorite Characters → Misa Amane
What a beautiful way to kill…

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just as i found you

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Sailor Moon Icon Prism Notebook

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Totoro Sweets ^^~ 

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Ghibli + flying

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Excuse me I'd like to know what number them you're using because I can't tell which one you're using.


theme you mean? wow i wish i could remember give me a sec and i’ll try to figure out wich one is it

oh i found it! it’s theme #73


21 icons for tumblr (64x64) Hope you like them! Credit not necessary but highly appreciated, find them under:

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Happy 27th Birthday Queen Hilary Duff! (09.28.14)


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  • i’ve been following most of them for more than a year so i highly recommend people who see this to check out their blogs, you won’t be disappointed ♥
  • thank you so much to those who follow me back! how do you guys even deal with all my shit?!! i’m sorry if i’m inactive sometimes i bet u don’t even remember me and you’re like who the hell is this bitch hahaha but it’s ok i understand c:
  • i love you guys with all my kokoro pls keep on posting awesome and interesting stuff <3

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