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get to know this shitty ass blogger (you probably will regret it though)


i hope your visit the CCS blog i run with my beautiful Cortney, thank you in advance!


a blog dedicated to the most attractive nekoboy ever; please check it out and i hope you like it, thank you!


i talk shit most of the time but there is where i place all my anime and manga feels, follow me and let's be tomodachis!


here you can find some of my other blogs and sites; such as my deviantart account, youtube channel, etc.

miracle romance
Hi everyone and welcome to my blog! I'm Maye. 22. Mexican. Graphic Designer. Animanga lover & Bishoujo Senshi Desu
(~ ^o^)~ Hope you enjoy this space and like the stuff I make! Kissus! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

Semi-hiatus: Being Tokiya's Princess

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(2/5) Favorite Relationships » Setsuko & Seita

“Why do fireflies have to die so young?”

Hi hi! okay I suck at introductions I spent more than an hour thinking about what to say first and I failed but I’ve finally decided to make a follow forever to thank all the amazing people who make me super happy with their friendship, messages, graphics, post and everything! also I want to thank to all my followers because I always remember people who make me smile (thank you so much for your nice messages and everything you do) anyway I decided to put all the people I follow here because all of them are amazing also my blogroll bc probably I screwed up and forget someone I’m such a nerd and I suck at this so hover over your url for a message yay since I can’t even write something without cry just don’t judge me bye bye :)

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"A journey’s end"

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Mabuchi Kou x Yoshioka Futaba || K O U T A B A

Jupiter Power, make up!

daytime shooting star + the main characters

Can you please do y blog rate?


no i’m sorry ;;;; i’ve never liked doing that kind of stuff, i don’t think i have the right to judge anyone’s blog and likings so please just go ahead and enjoy your blog without worrying about other’s mere personal opinions ;n;


New Crystal Art for Sailor Moon Crystal Jumbo Cushions

Ookami Shoujo to Kuro Ouji ()

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Cardcaptor Sakura  ED 3 

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Kou look awesome  (*≧▽≦)

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Ami Mizuno icons

Mostly Crystal as requested by (x) Feel free to use, credit not necessary but highly appreciated! 





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